Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cumulus Inc?? Top food doesn't meant great experience.

Oh dear. How could Cumulus Inc end up here??

Enough said about the food..and i agreed their food is top-notched. There's only a few places that matched their food in Melbourne.

But then it doesn't necessary meant a great dining experience.

A great eating experience encompasses alot. From the moment one stepped into a restaurant to ordering, to having their food, to paying the bill...the ambience, contact with the service staff, asking for feedback about their food for me is key to a great dining experience.

However, that was the problem with Cumulus Inc. Poor service, long long long wait for table with no reservation. Sure it means that you just cannot hop in when u feel having like Cumulus Inc. Me and my friends waited for about1 hr 30mins one sat night for a table. I know i cannot blame Cumulus Inc for it but it reflects the kind of experience u should have..especially your first time there looking forward to the great food they offer complete with a great service (and it's many hidden process).

It's such a shame for Cumlus Inc that people is missing out that whole great dining experience when they feel like it. in my own thoughts would be to get in more new people to try your fantastic food, and get them to come back everytime..however what they could get instead a lousy overall experience..but hey l am no restauranteur and l don't manage the place.

No a winner although Cumulus Inc..but definitely a nominee for worst dinning experience.

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