Sunday, 15 May 2011

Cumulus Inc?? Top food doesn't meant great experience.

Oh dear. How could Cumulus Inc end up here??

Enough said about the food..and i agreed their food is top-notched. There's only a few places that matched their food in Melbourne.

But then it doesn't necessary meant a great dining experience.

A great eating experience encompasses alot. From the moment one stepped into a restaurant to ordering, to having their food, to paying the bill...the ambience, contact with the service staff, asking for feedback about their food for me is key to a great dining experience.

However, that was the problem with Cumulus Inc. Poor service, long long long wait for table with no reservation. Sure it means that you just cannot hop in when u feel having like Cumulus Inc. Me and my friends waited for about1 hr 30mins one sat night for a table. I know i cannot blame Cumulus Inc for it but it reflects the kind of experience u should have..especially your first time there looking forward to the great food they offer complete with a great service (and it's many hidden process).

It's such a shame for Cumlus Inc that people is missing out that whole great dining experience when they feel like it. in my own thoughts would be to get in more new people to try your fantastic food, and get them to come back everytime..however what they could get instead a lousy overall experience..but hey l am no restauranteur and l don't manage the place.

No a winner although Cumulus Inc..but definitely a nominee for worst dinning experience.

Chillipadi mamak kopitiam- no good.

The Chillipadi chain.

The same brand name restaurant chain have been spouting around Melbourne in the last couple of years. Having heard from some food bloggers spreading good review about their Kensington store, we decided to make that hour plus drive across to the other side of town to satisfy our craving for some hometown food.

Ok. the place was spacious enough and their menu was quite extensive..offering a great variety of malaysian food.

We ordered their oh-chien or oyster omelette. We were very hungry since we didn't have breakfast.

Gosh, the photo looked great! Yes. unfortunately that was the only great thing about it.

The omelette lacked any favours at all. It tasted like flour pan-fried in some really stale oil topped off with some oysters. It was really mushy, not a slight bit of a plate of floating-oil oysters with some ketchup chilli.I knew oh chien was meant to be oily!! yes...but the execution was so so poor that it does not justify paying for it nor clogging up my arteries! the only saving grace was that the oysters they use was fairly fresh and big..compared to the ones we had at omah's malaysian and straits cafe. EPIC FAIL. and u called that malaysian oh chien??#$%

We were very hungry when we arrived so l gotten a few dishes..since mamak mee goreng was one of our favourite dish, we ordered that to reminisce that flavour we have back home. Of course right we pay to go to a malaysian restaurant to reminisce the food we miss back home, that's why we are there for the reason and chillipadi mamak's to satisfy that craving. otherwise why claim it's malaysian roots anyway?? must well be china flavored!!

anyway, back to the mee goreng... if it's featured here it meant it's a failure? l don't think this version of mamak mee goreng made any grade at all. it was mee soaked with alot of ketchup and spray with peanuts (ok, l admit l am exaggerating abit here) ...u kidding?? peanuts?? mamak mee goreng doesn't taste like this shit.It taste only of ketchup and peanuts, no wok hei or anything...again why pay when it doesn't even taste malaysian at all?? i think prima taste paste from the supermarket was much better than this called mee goreng...

Ok. BBQ sambal fish. I didn't want to say too much about this and again if in featured in this blog it meant something's not right. Yes, the chilli was passable but fish was not! it was like rubber taking it off meaning it wasn't fresh at, why pay $$ why u get stale food like this? do u go to a meat or vege or fruit store, pay $ and get off meat, yellow veggies and rotten apples?? of course not why would people do that?? Came across this blog reviewing chillipadi mamak kopitiam too

Us Malaysians will never be satisfied by such restaurants. I can tell you why:
1. You get it cheaper in malaysia
2. Your mom can cook the same dishes/ or your relatives, that has a better taste
3. Cos you’re a malaysian and you’re an expert when it comes to malaysian flavors

My emphasis in this blog is always about: PAYING MONEY FOR QUALITY FOOD BECAUSE WE DESERVED IT! if your food is not up to scratch, them stop cheating people of their money!! wanna try paying me $12 dollars to cook char kway teow for u? u would wanna say WTF too!

Chillipadi mamak's food is truly off my scale for malaysian food. U people should be smart enough to trust bloggers that truly critic food based on its values, not those who go to get free lunches in exchange for publicly.

For me, well...hopefully l wouldn't have to constantly come across such food and to write in this traumatise me physically, emotionally and financially to have such horrid food.

In the race to the bottom for the worst food, Chillipadi mamak's food is almost at rock bottom.
It's a winner for achieving the most epic failed dishes in a single restaurant.

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Sunday, 6 March 2011

My First Razzie entry: Old Town Kopitiam MaMak @ QV Melbourne

One would wonder why someone would start blogging about the horrible food that's been dishing out by some restaurants/eatery in melbourne..of course, bloggers always want the glamourous job of getting invites to a top hat restaurants/eatery blah blah and so forth..however, what this blog tries to achieve is to alert people the food serve by some of these places are so below-par, they should be ban altogether..and l think it is not right (morally and ethically) to make someone pay for their sub-standard food. This are my own personal views...and it is not intend to slur someone reputation.

My first razzie food award goes to Old town kopitiam MaMak @ QV Melbourne store.

In the last few years there is a massive proliferation of asian/malaysian eateries in Melbourne..Old town kopitiam is one of them..Selling authentic malaysian food in Melbourne CBD was a great idea..since there will be heaps of homesick students looking for that abit of a comfort food to help smooth their soul...this thus becomes a great recipe for poorly managed eateries to rip earn them of their money by offering sub-standard food.

The above is a curry puff i ordered at old town kopitiam. What the hell is this crap?? it was cold, soggy and not abit of curry flavour. I had some great curry puffs up in swanton street at a macik's place for $1 whereas l paid $2.50 for this rubbish l wouldn't even feed it to my dog! Of course, that wasn't the end...
Roti Chanai that was 'freshly-made' by the 'so-called chefs'. Oh come on, why would u pay some $7 bucks to have roti that's probably made by some other student..not crispy, the curry given tasted like water + curry powder (unlike the one when you order a real curry chicken which cost u another $4.50). So, tell me..why would u pay $11.50 for one small roti chanai meal?? For that price i am pretty sure alot of food bloggers can tell you where to get a decent meal. Wife ordered a coffee which turn out to be cold, tasteless and absolutely horrid. Oh well many at this point will ask: hey, why don't u complain on the spot??I tell you the honest truth people: This aren't no fine dining mate..complaining about the food will not make the food taste any better people..because poor food is usually dished out due to a few possibilities..such as poor quality control, management, poor quality chefs...chefs without training...u go figure that 101 reasons..

Writing these entries is so unglamorous..l would rather write about the great food l am eating in Melbourne instead..however, i think it's good to let people think about their food..their hard-earned money to some establishment that serve sub-standard food.

 l hate myself for paying $50++ to old town kopitiam for this lunch..l have been cursing myself since...will never ever be back...

Old Town Kopitiam MaMak scores a 10/10 for some of the most horrible malaysian food in Melbourne. This is not even a's a winner..
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